Icon Painting and Christian Art Summer School

Spiritual renewal,
artistic inspiration,
cultural enrichment


The Icon-Painting Summer School at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv (Ukraine) offers you a unique opportunity of immersion into the world of the ancient Christian art of icon-painting, united with the experience of the spiritual riches of the Eastern Christian liturgy, and cultural exploration of the historical and artistic treasures of Ukraine. The Icon-Painting Summer School is:University will be taking place from

  • an intensive three-week practice of icon-painting in the western Ukrainian tradition;
  • an opportunity for first-hand study of ancient masterpieces, analysis of their technique and its creative imitation;
  • an integral approach to the study of Christian art through combining courses in the theory and theology of art with studio practice and field-lectures in museums and monuments of sacred art;
  • the experience of joining together Eastern Christian liturgical and spiritual life with intellectual and practical study of the icon;
  • an exciting cultural program of visiting remarkable places of Lviv and western Ukraine;
  • becoming part of a network of people interested in Christian art.Over the last five years our students from all over the world have enjoyed our program and benefited from it. We cordially invite you to share their enjoyment and get initiated into the sacred art of iconography!

This year the Icon-Panting Summer School at the Ukrainian Catholic University will be taking place from June 22 to July 12, 2014.

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